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WhatsApp互傳IQ題 答錯變Mr.Bean


臨拿打開WhatsApp,有無發覺唔少朋友嘅個人頭像都變咗Mr. Bean?知唔知點解?因為佢哋答咗錯一條IQ題,所以被罰用戇豆先生張傻更更相代表自己。

本來都唔覺架,係擒日煲緊飯後煙,豬朋甲無端端問:「近排WhatsApp好多人流傳緊呢個Me bean game,其實係條IQ題,你玩過未?玩唔玩?」自問IQ高人一等,梗玩啦,「輸咗嘅話,要換Mr. Bean做大頭相,Keep住唔准換番自己張相廿四小時,Deal唔Deal?」Deal!拿臨叫佢WhatsApp條問題畀我睇睇,問題如下──

Me bean game:

I know you like a nice joke…so lets play a game!! If you play and lose, be sportive and fair.

You are sleeping. At 7 in the morning you hear the door bell…Unexpected guests. Your friends came over to have breakfast. You have strawberry, honey, nutella and cheese. What do you open first?

If your answer is wrong, you have to change your whatsapp profile pic in to Mr. Bean within and for the 24hrs. Deal?

大家知唔知答案係乜呀?知道答案就答人,拿,Deal咗架,答錯就唔該換相,嫌Mr. Bean樣衰唔換相得唔得?得,又唔會俾人打嘅,亦都唔會俾人拉,不過會俾人噓囉。答案係乜?咪就係Open your……自己諗啦,咁快開估邊有癮架?