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澄清!《BIOHAZARD 6》免費DLC即將推出


早兩日有外國玩家大發現《BIOHAZARD 6》遊戲碟內原來預載咗DLC,網民即刻群起圍插CAPCOM,鬧佢死性不改,原來,一切只係美麗嘅誤會?! CAPCOM終於澄清呢個被發現嘅碟內DLC將會係免!費!下!載!入面包括「No Hope」難度同Ada Wong合作模式內容,至於幾時有得update就會遲啲公佈。不過佢哋都補充話將會有收費DLC推出,但就無預載喺碟入面。好嘞,以上嘅解釋你信唔信?反正我信了。



Free RE6 DLC inbound, plus some clarification

Hey there, Unity!

Chiming in just before NYCC (we have a lot going this year) to update everyone on some new RE6 content, and clarification on how this content is delivered. First and foremost, two free DLC items will arrive as a title update soon; No Hope difficulty mode (which is, y’know, super hard) and a co-op partner for Ada’s campaign. Said campaign was meant as a solo affair for Ms Wong, but odds are you’d like to play through it again with a pal – soon you can!

Additionally, this update will make Ada’s campaign available from the start; currently you must complete all three of the primary campaigns to unlock this bonus. So, a little something for those who aren’t able to blaze through the whole thing in a weekend – if you’re taking your time, you’ll be able to access Ada’s story without having to finish the others. And may I say, her campaign is pretty awesome.

Now, the clarification: some data of this update is on the disc, but said data is incomplete and requires the actual download to access. But again, free. Mercenaries costumes are residentevil.net unlocks. Simply register for the site and start earning RE points for those goodies.

Future paid DLC – like the multiplayer modes we revealed a while ago – is not on the disc. We said as much a month ago, but that point may have been lost in the shuffle.

The tl;dr version is – RE6 on-disc DLC is free, paid DLC is not on the disc.

Now let’s work on those Mercenaries scores!



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