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[Gamescom德國]新片速報《The Last of Us》繼續打人


下年先出,Naughty Dog隻動作遊戲《The Last of Us》更加令人期待,呢隻PS3獨佔嘅作品就梗係要喺德國Gamescom撐場啦!最新宣傳影片就繼續之前劇情,安全屋肥佬冇出現,但就講佢哋依然喺個有未受病毒感染嘅生存者社區,Joel同14歲嘅Ellie未打喪屍之前就要先面對人性嘅醜惡!睇見Ellie俾人熊抱,我個心實在好痛,你唔好有事呀!

片段以Hank Williams嘅〈Alone And Forsaken〉為配樂,歌詞如下:

We met in the springtime when blossoms unfold
The pastures were green and the meadows were [Am] gold
Our love was in flower as summer grew on
Her love like the leaves now has withered and [Am] gone.

The roses have faded, there’s frost at my door
The birds in the morning don’t sing any-more
The grass in the valley is starting to die
And out in the darkness the whippoorwills cry.

Alone and forsaken by fate and by man
Oh, Lord, if You hear me please hold to my hand
Oh, please understand.

Oh, where has she gone to, oh, where can she be
She may have forsaken some other like me
She promised to honor, to love and obey
Each vow was a plaything that she threw away.

The darkness is falling, the sky has turned gray
A hound in the distance is starting to bay
I wonder, I wonder – what she’s thinking of
Forsaken, forgotten – without any love.